My Campaign

Hello everyone. Today my teamates in Yale got into groups to debate on who can get the most people to donate for our campaign which is for the cause of poverty and hunger. One component I made to help make the presentation for open house was a song. Here is the link to the song with lyrics -> SONG and here is the link to the tunes I made without lyrics -> TUNES . If you would like to see more about all of the campaigns go visit our website with this link -> WEBSITE I hope you give us feed back on the form! 🙂

My work

Hey everyone that is reading this post. I would like to show you guys some more of my work that I diid for the first chapter of the book I read which was named “The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963.” Below you can see a story roller coaster that is used to understand a chpter better. I made a visual of a roller coaster in the fair explain the first chapter ” And You Wonder Why We Get Called The Weird Watsons.”

What Do You Think

Hello everyone that is reading this post. In honor of the Student Blogging Challenge I decided to make a form so you guys can vote on it and decide ¨what is the thing that makes our world a bad place?¨ Here is the link to the form -> form

When you guys finish comment done in the comment section. Bye everyone have a good day. 🙂 ♥

My work

A long time ago in room 24 team Yale we made Google Drawings to show why sugar is bad for you, your health, and your life. I made my poster with one of my partners. Her blog is named Delilah’s Blog. You should go check it out. Here is the poster we made.

This is telling you many facts about sugar.And next time when you go grocery shopping, make sure you check the nutrition labels

How To Comment

How do you make a good comment? No problem. I am going to show you some tips and steps that will make you be a professional in commenting.


  1. First, you need to complement the person on something that you think was cool.(make it specific)
  2. Next, you can add other information to someone’s writing. For example, if the writer wrote about horse and they didn’t say a fact that you know, then tell the writer so they could add it to their facts.
  3. If you can add a real-world connection that has to do with their post. (people will think it is interesting)
  4. You could also ask a question for the writer to answer for you. (make it a good question)
  5. Finally, before you send the comment you need to proofread your comment so you don’t have any mistakes.

Now here are some tips:

Tip #1- Try to make a conversation going between the writer and yourself.

Tip #2- If you are excited don’t put more than one exclamation point. (to many is useless)

Well with these steps and tips you will be a professional in commenting in no time.